Why buy Shiny Hand?

When you buy Shiny Hand, you’re doing much more than simply buying a bar of soap. You’re making positive impact for your personal health, for the local economy of Appalachia, and for the planet.


Personal Health

Shiny Hand Bar Soaps are made with only the good stuff- plant based oils, pure essential oils, and natural colorants and exfoliants. Our tried-and-true formula has been carefully compiled; it's not a premade, melt-and-pour base mix. It is balanced to have the strength to scrub off the stinkiest sweat and grime, while producing a rich lather that leaves skin feeling moisturized the natural way. Great for folks with sensitivities to the synthetics and harsh chemicals that have inundated most of the mass market products. Finally, there are many added health benefits from the use of essential oils. Essential Oils are only made from plants and natural matter that offer beneficial properties, so regardless of which bar you choose, you smell great and feel great! Topical use offers direct results, and when paired with the aromatherapeutic properties, it’s an all-around win. The Cold Process of production means a short turnaround time, guaranteeing that your bar of SHINY is fresh!


Supporting Local Economies

For so long, huge chains have controlled the market and what we are offered. Outsourcing and using cheap synthetics have done irreparable damage to our planet, our health, and the human rights of the workforce. Supporting smaller local businesses that are ethically run is one of the most effective ways to use our power as consumers. Domestically speaking, Appalachia is one of the main regions of the US that has been defined by historical exploitation of the blue collar workforce. Shiny Hand is not only a small Appalachian business, it also supports other small Appalachian businesses by sourcing supplies from Earth Essentials Soap Supply, Blue Ridge Aromatics, and Dynamite Coffee Roasters. By working together, supporting one another, and buying locally, we can keep a higher percentage of every dollar going back into our communities, making them a better place to live.


Positively Impacting our Planet

Shiny Hand Soap Co. is a plastic-free company! We choose to use sustainably sourced oils, only natural ingredients, and 100% post consumer recycled paper packaging. Even our labels, tape, and shipping supplies are 100% recycled, plant-based, and compostable! Our production process does not consume any single-use plastics, and we participate in a container-exchange program with our oil supplier. The all-natural plant based ingredient list means these soaps are vegan and biodegradable, making them an ideal trail soap for outdoor adventures and leaving a minimal impact on our planet!



Having meaningful work is truly a gift and a privilege; when you support Shiny Hand, you give us that gift. Thank you.


*Return and refund policy*

  • Returns accepted for 14 days after delivery
  • Customer provides return shipping
  • No restocking fee
  • Must be returned in original undamaged packaging, in unused, unopened condition.